Anondizing is Awesome!

Here at the CraigPokesU Studio, we not only give you the option to adorn your body with 100% safe, quality jewelry; we give you the option of free customization on certain products.

We house a special machine (Anondizer) which forms an oxide layer on the surface of quality jewelry through electricity. Changing the electrical voltage changes the thickness of this layer which causes the different shades, hues, and colors seen here. This process extends the decorative opportunites on certain quality metals we stock. The additional perk to anondization is that it forms a cleaner and more durable surface for the jewelry selected by removing microscopic debris through passivation.

Anondizing is a safe, quick, and beautiful process we are able to perform for you in house. Come create your own special and unique piece today at 4818 Lee Highway in Arlington, Virginia. Treat yourself to something beautiful AND good for your body!

See You On The Sharp End!

~ Craig