Professional, friendly, sanitary and transparent!

First of all! The staff were very professional,  friendly, sanitary, and transparent. Their assortment of solid gold, diamond and titanium jewelry was beautiful.

COVID PRECAUTIONS: I arrived a little early to my appt. which allowed me to see them manage their space with people who were in the shop before me. They sanitized the iPads after each customer, they sanitized the ATM after it was used. And I saw them sanitize handles on doors as well. They took my temperature before the piercing. And had me sign two forms one for piercing risks and one for COVID risks. No weird legalese or tiny print, very clear and transparent.

PIERCING EXPERIENCE: Blake did my nostril piercing (first non-ear piercing) and I had such a positive experience. He was very considerate and clear – explained all of the tools he was going to use and how he was going to use them. I wear glasses – he took into consideration my glasses and how they may slide along my nose AND the fact that I’d like to switch from stud to hoop later on when he was planning my piercing placement. He allowed me to use a hand mirror to watch along the way and approve final placement.

I drove over an hour from Baltimore to get pierced here and it was definitely worth it. I’ll definitely be back.