I would like to inform everyone reading this blog that getting pierced is NOT the time to bargain shop. The questions that should be asked are whether or not I am licensed…do I use sterile and single use tools and needles…where can I see your reviews…do I use quality jewelry made of appropriate materials…what are my sterilization procedures.

If the answer is no BUT I charge $10 or $20 less than the person who is sterile and licensed and professional, would you come see me anyway? I would certainly hope not. I implore you NOT to use price to determine where you are going to go to get your next piercing. I have seen people come in from other shops in the area with jewelry(supposedly implant grade stainless steel or titanium) that has turned BLACK in their mouths and navels. They have come in with crooked and improperly placed piercings. All to save a few dollars.

Sterilization equipment, quality needles, quality jewelry, continuing education, seminars and maintenance of state licensing all costs money. The only way to consistently offer “cut-rate” piercing pricing is to cut corners on these items.

If you can’t afford a quality, sterile, professional piercing today, please just wait one or two more weeks and save up the extra $10-$20 or whatever it will cost and get what you deserve! Your health and well-being is the most important thing you have and it is worth that!!!

Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

See You On The Sharp End!

~ Craig