After the glowing reviews I read here, I made the trek out from Columbia Heights to Craig- and it was well worth it- it was kind of an empowering experience.

Craig is super friendly, and gives you as much information as possible to allow you to make the best decision YOU can- yay empowerment! The piercing studio felt very much like a doctor’s office- clean, sterile, and set apart in privacy, as it should be!

Something well noted is that he uses needles to pierce, not a piercing gun (which is a huge no-no for piercing ear cartilage, which I didn’t know). He’s a great communicator- at the end, he made sure to let me know that I should call him with any questions, concerns, or issues to discuss whatever could be done in case of any issues. This is the first time I’ve been to a piercing studio where they made sure that I was going to stay happy. Definitely recommend. He’s friendly, thoroughly described the types of jewelry and aftercare, and most of all, helps you feel comfortable by making sure you’re informed.

~Jessica L.