Ear Cartilage Piercing With Beautiful Gem

Ear Cartilage Piercing With Beautiful Gem

At my body piercing and jewelry studio in Arlington, Virginia, at least three times a week I have a new customer come in and tell me that they have had their cartilage pierced with a gun at a discounted price at a place that is neither sterile nor knowledgeable regarding body modification. Their complaint is always the same. The “procedure” was “performed” years ago and they never healed and are either still in pain or had to remove the jewelry altogether to avoid further pain. In some cases they even complain that it got infected.

The use of a gun to pierce your cartilage is not modification; I contend that it is body mutilation. The gun causes a great amount of trauma to an area that already takes a great deal of time to heal, In addition, NO NEEDLE is used, rather a blunt stud is jammed with great force through the cartilage! Does this sound healthy to anyone? Of course it is not.

I understand that money is tight and people are looking to cut corners. I am, however confident that you wouldn’t go to the cut-rate surgeon or, for that matter, you would be upset if someone butchered your haircut. If you have saved $20 to go to an establishment for a piercing using a gun, I IMPLORE you to wait an extra week or month and save the extra $30 or $40 and have your piercing done by a licensed professional in a reputable establishment with a sterile environment.

You owe it to yourself to have someone with knowledge and a passion for your health and appearance to perform this and all modification procedures on you. Read reviews and choose wisely. Nothing is more important than your health and well-being.

See You On The Sharp End!

~ Craig