For the first month it is a good idea to avoid swimming unless you can cover your  fresh body piercing with a Tegaderm patch bandage which can be found next to the bandages in most pharmacies. This is a clear, adhesive, water proof bandage that can be comfortably worn on some piercings, such as navels with curved barbells, and nipples. If you are protecting a fresh facial piercing, you should avoid submerging it.

Chlorine is tremendously drying and irritating to new piercings and should be avoided. If you can not stay out of the water, do your best to soak and rinse the piercing with a sea salt solution after you swim. You should also avoid hot tubs and bathing until your piercing is healed. Lakes and oceans are a topic of debate but, unfortunately, these waters are not as clean as we would like them to be.Use discretion and pay attention to the condition of your piercing.

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